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No business left behind. Join the movement.

Read on to find out what Solidarity Bonds are and how you can make a difference during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.


Solidarity Bonds is a global non-profit initiative which aims to assist with the digital transformation of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and to help those businesses generate revenue through the sale of Solidarity Bonds.

We have gathered resources and over 200 experts together in one place to give small businesses the start they need in the world of digital commerce.

Our Map

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This map shows all the participating businesses who have committed to selling Solidarity Bonds. Solidarity Bonds are vouchers that customers can buy at a discounted price. Each participating business is responsible for their own Solidarity Bonds, and these cannot be purchased directly from this website. More information about Solidarity Bonds can be found below.

What's A Solidarity Bond.

A Solidarity Bond is a voucher sold by a business to a consumer for less than its market value, to be redeemed in the future at full value.

For example a $100 “Solidarity Bond” could be sold for $75 and cashed in for full value at a future date.

The business gets some much needed cash up front, and consumers get to support businesses they value while also getting more for their money.

It’s a win-win for business and customer, and ultimately, it’s a win for society as jobs and lives are saved.

Save Businesses,
Save Jobs,
Save Lives

How does it work

These would take the form of vouchers that are sold directly by businesses at a suggested price of 25-50% below their market value, but redeemable at full value in the future. The goal is to sell these for the next couple of weeks and months to bring needed Solidarity income to businesses. The Solidarity Bonds can bring in the revenue needed to weather this crisis and save many businesses around the world that are at serious risk of closing permanently. Solidarity Bonds connect the consumer and the merchant in a way that saves jobs, livelihoods and beloved stores, products and services. Businesses will publish these bonds on the landing pages of their websites or in any other way that they regularly connect with their customers, and each business will administer its own vouchers / gift certificates by a method that works best for them and their customers.

How can you help

You can make a difference today by investing in the future of your favorite businesses. Remember, businesses aren’t just products and services, they’re the system in which people earn a living for their families and make their contribution to our society. This initiative is a chance to show our support and avoid people being forced out of work. If enough regular customers who are still getting salaries for jobs can remotely buy the certificates now, they can give the businesses a small cushion to cover expenses, and provide financial assistance to their employees –many of whom are being laid off across the county right now.

In This Together aims to ensure that our economic system keeps working throughout this crisis. Without it, a positive outcome is not possible.

If your favorite business is not a part of this program yet, please let them know about the initiative and ask them to sign up on this website.

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You can check out our map to see the participating businesses and follow their instructions on how to get your solidarity bond.


The initiative is open to any business – restaurants, hotels, cinemas, small shops, even airlines… whether it’s local or national. The goal is to support every business that is going through tough times. This is a global, not-for-profit effort.


No, not yet, but we are working on it. The website is currently acting as an aggregator of all participating businesses as a connector and is not yet selling the bonds directly.


Here are a few options to sell your own gift card / voucher:
1. You can set up a gift card through Square/ ItsOnMe / GiftUp and take the payments automatically through these platforms. It's very easy and we highly recommend using these platforms. Make sure to create a discount / promo code for your gift cards.
2. Your can design your gift card / voucher for free on CANVA and sell them through your website or via phone / Revolut / Venmo.
3. You can find a solution that works for you and your customers. Just make sure to communicate this on the participation form.

How To Participate
As A Business

  • Set up a way to directly sell Solidarity Bonds for your business. Again, you can choose to do so through your website, by phone, or by mail. We recommend using a platform like SquareUp or GiftUp
  • Choose a promo code for your customers. Remember - this is a great way to thank your customers and incentivize them to buy a bond
  • Submit the form below in order for your business to appear on the Map.
    • The amount of the bond at face value, and the purchase price (e.g., a $100 bond for $75)
    • The redemption and expiration dates
    • A refund policy, if there is one
  • Your Solidarity bond terms & conditions should ideally include:

Business Participation Form

Fill out and Submit

Fill out and submit the form below in order for your business to appear on the Map. Please allow some time to map to be updated.

Business Information

Contact Person Information

*If you have more than one location, please submit a new form.

Thank you for your registration. Your business will soon appear on the global map. </br> </br> Spread the word and stay safe!
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